Flutter Bundle

Flutter Bundle is a bouquet that offers so much @ minimum possible rate. Plus Rs. 8 + tax/day.
Simply send "Y" to 369 to activate your Flutter Bundle now to get DAILY:

  • 90 Free On-net minutes daily
  • 100 Free SMS/day
  • 1 MB GPRS
  • Flutter Lounge
  • Call Block Service

All this and much more @ Plus Rs. 8 + tax/day. Keep enjoying with Flutter!
Call setup fee of Rs. 0.10+Tax is applicable.


Flutter is YOUR World where you can afford the economical call & SMS rates with a lot more! No matter which package you're having if you want to join Flutter, you don't have to pay anything.
To activate Flutter Package Dial *369# and select Sub from the Menu
You can also subscribe by sending "Y" or "Sub" to 369


Zong to Zong Rs. 1.8/minute + tax (per minute pulse)
Zong to other network Rs. 1.8/minute + tax (per minute pulse)
SMS to any network Rs. 1.30/SMS + tax
Happy Hour Rs. 5 + tax per hour daily (flexible hours) only for one hour
Zong Friends & Family Numbers 5 dynamic numbers (usage based) OR top 5 F&F from existing list in case of migrations
Zong Friends & Family Rate Rs. 0.35/minute + tax
MMS Rs. 3/300KB
Mobile Internet

Rs. 18/MB

Flutter is much more than just a Package

Flutter gives you so many other options than just a Package Plan. It has all you want in your day to day communication. Rescue Call, Friends & Family, Happy Hour, Flutter Bundle and much more. Rescue Call:
Simply Dial *369# and select Sub to activate your Flutter Package NOW!

  • Flutter is YOUR right choice Ladies! Our team will automatically shift you to the Flutter Package as soon as you come on 789 to activate your new Zong SIM
  • As you activate your account you get the following SMS:
    • Welcome to Flutter, now enjoy 90 on-net mins, 100 SMS, Call Block Service, 1MB GPRS & Flutter lounge services @ Plus Rs.8 + tax/day!
    • Dear Customer! Keep on enjoying Flutter and stay tuned for much more. If you want to go back to your previous package reply with N.
  • Friends & Family
    With Flutter add more and more people in your Friends & Family and enjoy talking to them @ rates as low as Rs. 0.35/min + tax and talk to them in your FREE time.
    To activate simply send F <space> Number to 369 for adding a F&F number in your list

    • To check your F&F list send F <space> list to 369
    • If you want to delete any of your F&F number send delete <space> Number
    • If you want to modify any of your F&F number send modify <space> Number

      * Conventional F&F addition charges apply
  • Rescue Call
    Now you don't have to depend on your husbands, brothers and fathers for a recharge in your account.

    • Flutter can help you get out of a situation when you desperately need a balance in your phone to make a call or send SMS – a service through which you can reserve a balance of Rs. 5 which you can use later any time you want.
    • To activate simply send "Rescue" to 369. You can now bank on Flutter!
    • If you want to use your reserved amount just send "Help" to SMS SC 369 to use the Rescue Call balance.

Happy Hour Selection

With Flutter every hour is a Happy Hour. You have the choice to select your Happy Hour whenever you want. It's the best you can get.
Select as many Happy Hours as you want and it is very simple.
To select your Happy Hour simply send H <space> option number to 369
Below are the options for Happy Hour selection for your ease:

Option Number Happy Hour Option Number Happy Hour


0000 HRS to 0100 HRS


1200 HRS to 1300 HRS


0100 HRS to 0200 HRS


1300 HRS to 1400 HRS


0200 HRS to 0300 HRS


1400 HRS to 1500 HRS


0300 HRS to 0400 HRS


1500 HRS to 1600 HRS


0400 HRS to 0500 HRS


1600 HRS to 1700 HRS


0500 HRS to 0600 HRS


1700 HRS to 1800 HRS


0600 HRS to 0700 HRS


1800 HRS to 1900 HRS


0700 HRS to 0800 HRS


1900 HRS to 2000 HRS


0800 HRS to 0900 HRS


2000 HRS to 2100 HRS


0900 HRS to 1000 HRS


2100 HRS to 2200 HRS


1000 HRS to 1100 HRS


2200 HRS to 2300 HRS


1100 HRS to 1200 HRS


2300 HRS to 0000 HRS

  • Flutter wants to celebrate your special occasions with you. Share your Birthdays and Anniversaries with us through Days to Remember and let us surprise you on your special occasions!

How to Unsubscribe Flutter Bundle

To Unsubscribe from the package, send "Unsub" to 369 or through *369# by selecting Unsub.


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