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Yaari Load

ZONG understands the value of sharing small happiness in life, YaariLoad a service as caring as it sounds shares the same value. Now you don’t need to worry about your loved ones getting out of credit ever. Be it a small gesture of love, or a friend in need, your demanding younger brothers and sisters, or you just want to impress someone, Yaariload is the answer.

Yaariload allows you to transfer the balance from one prepaid account to other. So you can share your balance at the time of emergency and/or gift some balance to other prepaid numbers. you can share your balance with your ZONG Friends by just typing <Recipient Number>.<amount> and send it to 999.

(example: To share Rs 150 with your number of choice you will type the following in your text messages 03140000000.150 and send it to 999, you will receive a confirmation message which you need to reply with “Y” and your balance will be shared).


4% of the total amount transferred will be charged as service fee.


What do I need to do to Qualify for YaariLoad?

On the usage of Rs.225 you will automatically qualify for the service. This will include the built-in balance of the SIM as well.

How many times can I send a balance through p2p in a day?

You can send balance only 3 times a day through Yaariload.

Is there a restriction on the amount being sent through yaariload?

Minimum amount of Rs 10 and maximum amount Rs 10,000 can sent shared through yaariload.

Is there any validity period for the balance sent through yaariload?

Yes, the following chart will be followed for balance transferred through yaariload.

Amount Banalce Transferred Additional Validity (Incoming & Outgoing)
10 – 50 15 days or existing whichever is higher.
51 – 99 30 days or existing whichever is higher.
100- 299 60 days or the existing whichever is higher.
300- 499 90 days or the existing whichever is higher
500- 999 180 days or the existing whichever is higher
1000 & Above 365 days or the existing whichever is higher

*Validity of A-Number will remain the same & hence No Change in A-Party’s Validities.

Is this service also available for postpaid subscribers?

No, yaariload is only available for prepaid customers of ZONG.

Is there going to be any deduction in the amount transferred through yaariload?

Yes, 4% of the amount transferred through yaariload will be charged as service fee.

Can I transfer all the balance through yaariload?

Built-in-Balance or promotional balance cannot be transferred, however the balance recharged via Scratch Card, Miniload, ePin, Online Recharge (Top Up) or already shared balance can be transferred.

Is there any minimum balance I need to maintain for Yaariload ?

You need to have minimum of Rs. 10 in your account after sharing your balance. For e.g. if you have only Rs 18 in your account and you intend to share Rs 10, you will not be able to do so, since the balance amount will be less than Rs 10.

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